Case Study

Franchise Development – FedEx Ground


FedEx Ground is a multi-location logistics hub network utilizing thousands of independent contractors for its pickup, delivery and transportation business. The upsurge in e-commerce volume increased the demand for more independent contractors within their network. While the FedEx Ground brand is very well known, their contractor model was not. The challenge was to quickly find qualified contractors in a competitive marketplace while avoiding any misconception that FedEx Ground was looking to hire individual drivers.  

Approach & Insight

Our experience working with multi-location business models allowed us to quickly develop the right persona for FedEx Ground and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan. We incorporated both high quality design and strategic targeting using multiple advertising platforms. But we knew capturing and sending lead traffic to the existing FedEx Ground website would not be enough. The landing page needed to be optimized for conversions.


The combination of the well-known FedEx Ground brand and our award-winning design led to high-quality content and creative deliverables for the campaign. In terms of targeting strategy, we utilized the strengths of Facebook’s active user database and the ability to zero in on granular details of audience behavior to complement our Google PPC Search efforts. This allowed us to narrow in on an audience more likely to fit the contractor persona. Facebook’s powerful, visual ad formats also allowed us to expand on our ad design. Additionally, the cost effectiveness of Facebook resulted in much lower cost per leads, allowing us to stretch our ad spend budget further and gather more potential leads. All lead generation advertising efforts were directed to a new landing page designed by Curious Jane. Our design of the site and lead magnet resulted in higher conversion rates.


  • Persona Development
  • Digital and Social Lead Generation Strategy
  • Advertising Creative
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • CRM Integration


  • Over 90% of the leads came from Facebook/Instagram
  • Average Facebook/Instagram Cost per Lead = $6.04
  • Almost 10% of the leads came from Google
  • Average Google Cost per Lead = $42.33
  • Average of 4,100 leads per Month
  • Total Campaign Cost per Lead = $9.39
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate = 7%

* Based November 2019 - July 2020 campaign data

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