It’s about the opportunities you see and the challenges you face. It’s about your working behind the scenes while staying ahead of the competition. It’s understanding that in order to grow, sometimes you need help.

We're the
ad agency

for franchises™

Our insights, expertise and proven systems help franchises grow locally, regionally and nationally. We work with leading national franchises and some of Franchise Times' Top 500 franchises to improve strategies and create growth.

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Follow Our Lead.

When you work with Curious Jane, you’ll find a partner that’s different from the others.

We’re the ad agency for franchises that takes our first step forward by taking a purposeful step back. Our starting position gives us perspective to take a hard look at your overall brand, to hear what your goals are and to learn about your objectives. Based on our years of experience and market research, we then strategize a multiplatform package custom-designed for you. We execute the comprehensive plan, provide monitoring and metrics throughout, and then work with you on an ongoing basis to increase sales.

Bottom line: We don’t just sell you campaigns. We offer a strategic partnership backed by our extensive knowledge of the franchise industry.

Curious Jane helps franchises grow and entrepreneurs succeed.