4 Tips for Managing Your Franchise’s Social Media

4 Tips for Managing Your Franchise’s Social Media

Consumers increasingly are influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. It’s imperative that you create and maintain forums for brand discussions about your franchise.

  1. Cultivate your online community. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, you have the opportunity to build brand engagement in a very unique way. By providing creative content, facilitating discussions, and responding to negative and positive feedback in platforms that you manage, you can develop an engaged base of loyal customers for your franchise. They’ll know where to go to connect with you, and you’ll get the opportunity to drive the interaction.
  2. Respond to comments in a timely manner. Communication today happens in real time. One bad encounter with customer service and your brand can show up instantly on social media. Have a strategy and team in place to respond to all comments, good and bad, in a timely matter. (And this usually means within a few hours, or at the most, one day.) Prevent negative feedback from snowballing through cyberspace without your business weighing in at all. Be present, and be part of the discussion.
  3. Respond to negative feedback … positively! Have a plan in place for responding to potentially damaging feedback. If a negative response by a customer has validity and is presented in an inoffensive manner, use this opportunity to show that you care. No matter the platform, be sure to respond in a timely manner and offer a solution, or at the minimum, an explanation. Honest and timely discussions help promote confidence for brand influencers.
  4. Crunched for time? Consider hiring an outside agency. If you don’t have the time or staff to monitor and leverage your franchise’s social presence, consider hiring an agency. At Curious Jane, we’re experts in managing online communities. Our experienced and certified teams work efficiently and strategically to handle all aspects of online brand management.