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At Curious JaneTM, we’re digital experts in marketing to women, today’s most influential health and wellness decision makers. We understand the motivated, hyper-connected and multidimensional woman who makes 85% of consumer purchases and 80% of healthcare decisions in the United States.*

We refer to this resourceful, smart and influential woman of today as Jane. And at our agency, we know JaneTM.

Whether Jane is caring for children or aging parents, enjoying being single or appreciating marriage, launching a career or settling down, finding time for everything else or focusing on her own needs, each stage of her life creates a unique opportunity for brands to connect and resonate with her desire for health and wellness for herself and those she cares about.

At Curious JaneTM, we believe that wellness is an evolving process of making choices for a healthy and fulfilling life — a journey toward physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

Women have more decision-making power and more buying power than ever before, and Curious JaneTM develops new programs, new strategies, new platforms and new dialogues to reach women more effectively. We help brands connect with Jane so that she’s not just a consumer, but your biggest brand loyalist, using her relevant, relatable, resounding voice as she merges your brand story with her very own.

*Bloomberg Business, United States Department of Labor

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